As a local real estate professional a commitment to client satisfaction is a top priority. Whether you are considering purchasing a home, or selling an existing property, an outstanding level of service is guaranteed with me representing you in your next real estate transaction. I provide real estate services in Newport Beach, Irvine, Newport Coast, Laguna Beach, Laguna Niguel, Corona del Mar, and in other local real estate markets.

There is no doubt that providing the ideal level of real estate service will mean that you will be able to meet all of your real estate objectives. Many satisfied real estate customers have submitted letters of thanks and some greatly appreciated reviews regarding my real estate services. Thanks again for visiting and be sure to contact me regarding any real estate buying or selling need, whether large or small.

We are now so happy in our home and it is all due to Harrison and Christi !!!!"

"Harrison works closely with his wife Christi!!!!  Together they are a dynamic duo!  We have only great things to say about Harrison and Christi.  They don't miss one detail!!!  We had been looking for a home for 9 months, one week with Christi and Harrison and we were in a successful escrow!  We are now so happy in our home and it is all due to Harrison and Christi!!!!".   Amanda Geddes, at Aliso Viejo, CA - December 2017  

Pleased with choice of Harrison and Christi to be my Realtors for the sale of my Irvine home.

"I'm pleased with my choice of Harrison and Christi Long to be my Realtors for the sale of my Irvine home.  They made an efficient, knowledgeable team.  
Harrison is a licensed real estate broker and also is an attorney and was able to ensure a smooth and trouble free sale. Christi is very good with people and has a great eye for setting a home up to appeal to buyers.  Harrison and Christi marketed my home appropriately and had the home in escrow in eleven days. I'm a very happy client and highly recommend these agents, Harrison and Christi Long."
Tom Mendenhall at Irvine, CA - September 2017 

Grateful for your help and endurance with the sale of our home

"Harrison and Christi,
A little note is insufficient to fully communicate how grateful we feel for your help and endurance with the sale of our home. It sure was a little more difficult than we formerly expected, but you rose to the challenges! It has meant a lot the way you always championed for us. Also, the sale is particularly meaningful to us, because the dollars really helped us to jump start our family's long term goals. Very cool to call you both friends! Blessings, Joe and Jenessa Eelkema" ~ Tustin, California ~ August 2016

I am so grateful to both of you for leasing our condo home at Watermarke in Irvine.

"Dear Christi and Harrison,
I am so grateful to both of you for leasing our condo home at Watermarke Place in Irvine.  You were able to present us with numerous qualified potential applicants to choose from.  Mike and I were able to review the applications on a daily basis.  Your vast real estate knowledge and legal expertise helped guide us through our first experience as landlords.  All this made it easy for us to select the best tenant for our unit.  Thanks to your hard work, dedication, extensive use of social media, advertising, showings, and personal attention, we were able to lease our condo home at full price in two weeks.  I look forward to working with you in the future.  Thank you!"  

~ Fran Gazin ~ Irvine California ~ October 2014

I can't thank you enough for your help and guidance

"Dear Christi and Harrison,
I can't thank you enough for your help and guidance throughout the home buying process. As you can imagine, buying a home was one of the most important decisions I have ever made. I consider myself very lucky, and am extremely grateful, that I had you two by my side. Your thoughtfulness and solid support helped me put my mind at ease throughout a process that I thought was going to be stressful. Christi, you have been just wonderful to me since day one (many moons ago :) ). Thank you! Many blessings to both of you in 2014 and years to come!"

Wollansa Habtu ~ Irvine, California ~ January 2014

Christi and Harrison were amazing in helping me find my first home.

"Christi and Harrison were amazing in helping me find my first home. It was great having realtors who I knew were always on my side and were going to put my best interests first. I trust both of them completely. I came into the home buying process not knowing much about it, but Christi and Harrison spent a considerable amount of time educating me about everything from loans to laws to offers. I would not have been able to do it all without them." 

~ Taylor Campbell ~ East Costa Mesa, CA ~ August 2013

We couldn't have asked for a better team than Harrison and Christi Long.

"My wife and I were new home buyers, we couldn't have asked for better team than Harrison and Christi Long.  They earnestly felt excited for our search, invested lots of time on our behalf into the search, were frank with the details, always were prompt, knew the correct answers to any crazy detail I could think to ask, and simply made the journey manageable.  Please feel welcome to contact me through Harrison to schedule a phone conversation if it would be helpful to your consideration of Harrison." 
~ Joe & Jenessa E. ~ Tustin, California ~ April, 2013

If you are looking for the right real estate broker to find you the right property ...

"If you are looking for the right real estate broker to find you the right property and get you the best deal, consider Harrison Long.  I needed to find a property to start my medical spa this year.  Harrison was knowledgeable, ethical, and hard working on behalf of me for the six plus months until I got my key to the property.  I have been practicing in the medical spa where everyone tells me it is the best area and loves the atmosphere of the office.  If you need further information concerning Harrison or his real estate practice I am happy to talk to you."
~ Dr. Laura Cho, Irvine, CA ~ December 2012

Thank you so much for your recent support with the purchase of our new house.

"Dear Christi & Harrison,
Thank you so much for your recent support with the purchase of our new house.  This was the 6th property we brought, and arguably the search we invested the most time and energy on.  Could not have gotten this far without your help!  
We have known Harrison and Christi for many years at our church, and when we were ready we met initially in fall of 2011 for discovery.
Albeit we have lived in Irvine for more than 10 years, we did not know the different communities very well.
A few specific items relative to our search criteria included a change of high schools for our daughter, a possible change of school districts (a very big decision in Irvine), whether to buy old or moderately used, and a need for a ground floor office (yes, I do not like stairs).
Harrison’s  follow-up and rapport built with the sellers representation and also with the sellers greatly helped and in a market where one third of sales are cash, we were ably presented by Explore Group as buyers that should be considered seriously.  Explore Group never took their eye off our common goal of ensuring that Mrs. Weyers receives her dream home.  We never felt hurried or pressured, albeit there were a few subtle reminders that homes would sell quickly in this market.
We are now happy in our new house, and would definitely recommend Explore Group for your Irvine property search.

Sincerely,  Chris & Lelanie Weyers" ~ Irvine, CA, August 2012

We highly recommend Harrison and Christi ... well-informed and caring people.

"When my kids and I decided to look for a house to buy, we approached Harrison and Christi Long to help us with the task. I feel we were very fortunate to have Harrison to really look out for our best interest. He has a keen eye is extremely knowledgeable in real estate.  I felt that he really cared about all of being happy with our purchase and even when I thought we had found the one, he was never hesitant to point out the flaws and bring us back to reality. I really loved going and seeing houses with Christi. I love her positive attitude and how excited she would get showing me the properties. I miss having her in put in how to remodel and decorate my new place. They were both very patient and caring. This was one of the best experiences of our lives.  We highly recommend Harrison and Christi to anyone who wants to work with a well-informed and caring couple.
Sincerely,  Mara, Anthony, Ariana Tavantzis" ~ Huntington Beach, California, April 2011

Harrison and Christi were delightful to work with.

"Harrison and Christi were delightful to work with. They were there whenever we needed them, and their attention to detail was fastidious."
~ Joel and Pam Chernoff, re Irvine home purchase ~ March 2011

We were very fortunate to have Harrison and Christi Long handle the lease on our property

"We were very fortunate to have Harrison and Christi Long handle the lease on our property in Turtle Rock (Irvine).   Having known them both for many years I knew that they would be honest, professional, know about the real estate market values, and find us good people.  I requested renters with no pets and non smokers.  The family they found exceeded my expectations."  
~ Nancy Stillwagon, Turtle Rock, Irvine, California ~ April 2011

We couldn't be happier with our decision and their guidance!

"We found our HOME and we owe it all to Harrison and Christi.  They guided us through the process with ease, helping us to figure out what we really wanted.  We never felt any pressure to make a quick decision, and their knowledge and expertise were crucial in handling the mountains of paperwork.  We couldn't be happier with our decision and their guidance!"  
~ Kristin and Bryan Hoang, East Costa Mesa, CA ~ April 2010

Express our gratitude for the tremendous work both Christi and Harrison did to get our property sold

"We want to express our gratitude for the tremendous work both Christi and Harrison did to get our property sold.  It was a difficult sale.  They did a terrific job.  Thanks again."  
~ Jeanne & John Gissel, Irvine, CA ~ June, 2010

You were both very patient and truly had our best interests in mind.

"Dear Harrison and Christi,
Thank you so much for your help buying our first home. You were both very patient and truly had our best interests in mind. You took us to preview homes in several different cities and neighborhoods which allowed us to get a better feel for what's out there and really zero in on the exact neighborhood and home that we wanted.  We are extremely happy with our house and we are very grateful for your help."   
~ Matt Parker, Ladera Ranch ~ February 2010

Thank You for an Extremely Positive Home Buying Experience

"Dear Christi and Harrison,  
I would like to thank you for an extremely positive home buying experience. From the initial evaluation of locations, price range, size etc. through viewings and preparing offers to the day of closure the two of you have been very professional, thorough and efficient. It was obvious that you cared a great deal about finding the right home for me and there wasn't a moment I had to worry about the process. You communicated well, explained things clearly, gave good advice, presented options and kept things moving. I am very happy in my new home and should I be in the market again someday I wouldn't think twice to use your services again."  
~ Adrian Utz, Irvine, California, October, 2008

Unrelenting Energy and Dedication

"Dear Harrison & Christi,

A short note of thanks - We could not possibly have succeeded to this point in our relocation plans without your tireless efforts and counsel – Thank YOU!   Your pricing and marketing strategies to sell our Tustin home quickly resulted in multiple offers and an eventual sale price significantly above identical “comps”, truly living up to your company’s mission statement of “Selling Your Home at the Best Price in the Shortest Possible Time”.   Your patience, suggestions, and attention to detail during the entire process of selling our house reduced the stress on our family especially since Gary was in Texas for most of the time dealing with a family health issue and frequent job travels.  Despite the distance, Harrison’s excellent communication and negotiating skills kept offers and counter-offers actively going.   We are also appreciative of the counsel you have provided us in leasing our temporary home in Dove Canyon.  Your attention to details and knowledge of landlord-tenant contractual issues led us to the selection of the right house. We have very much enjoyed working with you both and look forward to your continued support and counsel in our next step – finding that dream home!    
Christi’s energy, patience, and adherence to the Realtor Code of Ethics in touring homes-for-sale, are very much appreciated.  Not only does she always have essential property information and sales data on hand, but has her tape measure handy to check bonus room dimensions for Gary’s pool table. Christi is always helpful to remind us when we’ve forgotten to check on a particular feature during property previews and offers excellent ideas to overcome perceived shortcomings on any particular candidate home.  We really have lots of fun touring with her in looking for that perfect home.  
We know and trust that, with both your help, we will find and successfully negotiate the purchase of our dream home in the next couple of months".  

~ Gary and Cindy Kratochvil, Dove Canyon, ~ 2008

Without your persistence and dedication, we know the leasing process would have been more difficult

"Dear Harrison and Christi,
Just a note to thank you both for helping us rent our home.  Harrison and Christi's ability to review and filter serious renters, buyers, and sellers helped us to choose wonderful tenants!  Without your persistence and dedication, we know the leasing process would have been more difficult and time-consuming.
Fond Regards,  
Joel and Nova Isaac" ~ April 2010

Sold our home the first week .. for full price

"WOW!  What can we say?  Harrison & Christi sold our home the first week we were on the market for FULL price and an all cash offer in one of the most challenging of markets for sellers.  Beside that they provide the ultimate in customer service in an extremely professional manner.  No this isn’t a paid ad; we are just thrilled with all they did for us."     
~ Lon & Shari Adams, Turtle Rock, Irvine, CA ~ November 2007

Great People To Work With

"Harrison and Christi are great people to work with. They listened to my needs and wants, showed me a variety of properties and guided me through the process of buying a home for the first time. Their attention to detail made the process go smoothly and really helped put my mind at ease.  
Even after the close of escrow, they worked tirelessly to resolve an issue with the sellers of the property regarding a credit that was owed to me. And they’ve followed up to just make sure that I’m happy in my new home – I AM!!  Harrison and Christi are honest, trustworthy and professional. I would highly recommend working with them!"
Mary Clements, Aliso Viejo, California ~ January, 2009

Thank you Harrison and Christi for your hard work and dilligence ...

"Thank you Harrison and Christi for your hard work and diligence in getting my lease done.  You worked tirelessly to find the right property and promptly dealt with all issues and concerns in producing an acceptable lease that worked out fine.  I greatly appreciate your efforts to take these concerns off my shoulders and get the job done as efficiently as I could have hoped for."  
~ Richard Ward, Irvine, California ~ March 2009

Effort, energy and guidance you provided as our Realtors

"We want to thank you both for the effort, energy and guidance you provided to us as our realtors.  You have a complimentary style as a team, both of you are very professional as well as warm and personable. We brought some unique challenges to your job.  As first-time home buyers, we had many questions and concerns.  Your expertise and willingness to research the information we needed helped us feel both more confident and ready to move forward with each of the major steps required to buy a home...You were very diligent to utilize the resources of e-mail to keep us both up-to-date. Thank you for your attention to detail, particularly with our concerns about our daughter and the big transition she was making.  We felt like you were looking out for her needs as well as the real estate issues we had discussed with you.  Again, we appreciate your services and your skills as we made this major life transition to home ownership."
~ Mark Tomich & Ginny Farmer-Tomich ~ September 2005

Christi and Harrison Long do a little more ... and make dreams come true

"Reputable and experienced realtors make things happen for sellers and buyers of property…but professionals like Christi and Harrison Long, do a little more… and make dreams come true. In just one busy month we sold both our primary residence in the SF Valley and a rental and bought a perfect one-level town home in Irvine. It was one of many shown to us on line and in various neighborhoods by Christi, who had endless energy, knowledge and enthusiasm to find the right home and location.  As retired seniors, we knew what we could afford, and what we preferred, and they both were sensitive to that. Harrison kept us informed about the legalities of our purchase. His emails and faxes kept our drives on busy freeways minimal to process the endless paperwork associated with buying our home and closing escrow. When other professionals were needed, they provided reliable referrals.  We certainly think highly of them and recommend them to others."  
~ Clara and Rick Craft ~ March, 2007

Always thoroughly professional and well represented our interests

"In purchasing our new residence in Dana Point, we were fortunate enough to be represented by Harrison and Christi Long.  They were always thoroughly professional and well represented our interests at all times throughout a purchasing process made more complex by an unsophisticated seller. We would not hesitate to recommend Harrison and Christi to all our friends and associates to aid them in the purchase or sale of property"
~ Alan & Barbara Jacobson, Dana Point, CA ~ May, 2006

Very professional, keeping in touch and being very patient through almost two year search

"Harrison and Christi Long represented us in the purchase of our first home.  I had dealt with a number of agents before them, but none of them provided the level of service that Harrison and Christi did.  They were very professional, keeping in touch and being very patient throughout my almost 2 year search.  When we finally found the home we wanted to buy, Harrison and Christi were there throughout the entire process, making certain that the appropriate papers were signed and submitted while offering the type of expert advice that comes with their years of experience and education.  In addition, they are fun and pleasant to work with.  I highly recommend them.  They surpassed my expectations."
~ Stan Bentow, Laguna Hills, CA ~ November 2007

Advance research helped us find the perfect home

"Rick and I are so grateful for your help in leasing a home in Irvine. Christi's advance research helped us find the perfect home on a very short timeline. Harrison's advocacy and attention to detail made for s smooth transition. Thank you so much!"
~ Rick and Barbara Hull ~ November 2007

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